Welcome to Sungold Design Group, LLC. We are a boutique Landscape Design & Build firm located in New York City. At Sungold Design Group, we take an integrative approach to Landscape and Rooftop Design; combining the key elements of Garden Design, Horticulture, Fine Art, & Sustainability, to create a space to live, laugh, and relax in. 


Our Philosophy

At Sungold Design Group, we believe that a landscape, first and foremost, should bring tremendous joy and happiness to the people that inhabit the space.

Taking this principle to heart, we custom design every project to be a unique reflection of our clients personalities and lifestyle. With our vast knowledge of horticulture design, organic and sustainable practices, and our network of fine craftsman, we design magnificent spaces tailored to bring pleasure and delight to each of our clients.

It is our belief that a garden should be a space to create new memories, while echoing moments we’ve had in the past and where we were most happy. For example- fig trees bursting with fruit in the summer remind us of our journeys to Italy and the wonderful foods we ate; a combination of bright flowers and lush foliage may recall a fun-filled tropical vacation; wildflowers may remind us of the summer fields we picnicked beside on a road trip upstate.  

With these beliefs in mind, we strive to create our landscapes to evoke those life moments. 



Exceptional Design

When we meet with our clients, we discuss your lifestyle and how you want to not only use, but feel in your space. We take our unique and creative design aesthetic to bring in elements that reflect our clients’ aspirations for their garden.

We design each garden as an extension of the  individual homes' architecture and interior design. We believe in a seamless integration between the landscape and home aesthetic.

To make the landscape design fluid with the decor of the home, we offer our outdoor living design services, which include exterior decorating with furniture, accessories, creating tablescapes, developing custom lighting design and water features.


What Sets Us Apart

Each design is one-of-a-kind and draws it's inspiration from each specific location- whether it is an urban garden or seaside retreat.

Our founder, Alex Berkowitz, leads each project from concept to completion. She is there every step of the process, from the first consultation, to the design stage, and is personally there to oversee every installation to ensure it’s up to the highest standards.