Brooklyn Rooftop Oasis 

A Lush Urban Garden  

We created an urban rooftop oasis for clients who wished for a lush tropical feel that would be an equally suitable setting for entertaining large parties or having a relaxed morning coffee.

The clients are professionals in their mid-30’s, a writer and real estate investor, who wanted the garden to reflect their fun and quirky personalities. They love to cook and grill, so we planted vegetables into the landscape-heirloom baby tomatoes, eggplant, strawberries, peppers, lettuces, summer squash, herbs, edible flowers –that could fit right into their summer menu. 

We kept the floral color scheme bright and playful-pinks, oranges, greens- and planted a Kousa Dogwood, along with shrubs, grasses, and annuals. Custom built wooden containers, a candle lit succulent table centerpiece, and accent lighting for night enjoyment completed the look.



A Tranquil Front Garden 

A landscape devastated by Hurricane Sandy needed to be completely renovated, from replacing the soil, to salvaging the remaining trees, and planting anew.

Our client was looking to replant with something special- a front garden that was bursting with flowers that would inspire relaxation. The client lives a spiritual and holistic lifestyle, and wanted a garden that was unique to the other's in the community.

We completely rebuilt the integrity of the soil, adding new soil and organic nutrients that would create a healthy condition for the new plantings. We designed a palate of purples, pinks, greens, and blues, with pops of white and yellow. We chose hardy trees and shrubs that are hurricane resistant, and planted a variety of perennials, holistic herbs, and flowers- which created constant color throughout the season. To complete the look, we added a variety of containers, garden stones, and a Victorian-style angel statue.

Cottage Garden by the Sea


A Vibrant Coastal Colonial


Landscape Reborn 

Inspired by summer vacations in the South of France, our clients were looking to incorporate a semi-formal French feel into the landscape design of their Colonial-style home in Belle Harbor, NY. 

The grounds of the property (previously a well-designed traditional landscape) were decimated by Hurricane Sandy, so the clients were looking for the new design to feel uplifting upon approach. They wanted it filled with bright colored flowers and lush shrubbery- with a catch- it had to be hurricane-proof. 

We developed a design that echoed the 'feel' of a semi-formal French garden, with elements such as topiaries and carefully shaped boxwoods for structure. We played with the notion of formal/informal, simultaneously respecting the integrity of the traditional architecture, as well as its proximity to the beach. 

We installed hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and Hollywood junipers, all of which were our "hurricane resistant" anchors, and filled in the space with hardy flowering azaleas, perennials, and seasonal flower plantings. 

We also planted a new vegetable, herb, and fruit garden, adding a Mission fig tree, an herb bed, and integrating blackberry and raspberry bushes beside the vegetables.