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Serena Rooftop Garden


Our Challenge

Rooftop garden with 360 degree views of Brooklyn and the manhattan skyuline, but nothing survived because of extreme heat, direct sun, and high winds. Client wanted lot’s of color and herbs to cook with, but.. a design that would allow for future expansion. Vibrant, attract butterflies, wanted hardy tree. Had dogs, so had to be careful on chosing plant materials that were not poisonous. Containers, budget, entertaining.


Our Solution

We created a bright, fun, garden that integrated shrubs, perennials, etc filled with bright colors. Knockout Roses, herbs, butterfly bush, grasses, wisteria, etc.  

Kate and Sean’s rooftop

Our challenge

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Create an urban rooftop oasis that could be used both for entertaining large groups and relaxing with coffee in the morning. Lush tropical theme, with edibles integrated into the containers. Clients wanted garden with atypical shapes and textures, bright colors, multiple light sources. Couple is a mid-thirties professionals (one is a writer and the other in real estate), that wanted the garden to reflect the fun and quirky personalities. A space that could easily change from a quiet place to write, to a party. The couple also used their grill frequently throughout the summer, so we wanted to create a flow that can use herbs and vegetables. Vegetables grown: heirloom baby tomatoes, eggplant, strawberries, peppers, lettuces, summer squash, herbs, edible flowers -nasturtiums. Fear of bee's.



Natural wood containers (type?) that were custom made. All plant material was selected to try to minimize attraction to bee's. We utlized the natural shape of the vegetable and herb leaves, their flowing colors, and fruit colors into the rest of the landscape to design a seem less integration of an edible rooftop oasis in the sky. We also added accents and accessories to their existing outdoor furniture. Designed a color scheme. Provided lighting design that provided romantic and festive. And procured grill/bar table to create an outdoor counters pace for cooking and serving drinks.







Colonial home In a seaside town in belle harbor, NY. The landscape, which was originally designed by a horticulturist ... Was completely destroyed by the flooding from hurrican sandy. The backyard had a large organic vegetable and fruit garden that was. The soil was hazardous to grow things to eat, so we needed to completely remove the soil and replace with organic garden soil, and refurbish so that it was safe for consumption, and also rich in nutrients for new plant growth.


The Owners wanted to redo their front portion with bright colors that would welcome them home. They were also concerned about the possibility of another hurricane destroying this landscape. They were particularly attracted to the aesthetic of Provence and the south of France, which had to be combined to suit a center call colonial style home.





Design using salt tolerant trees, shrubs, and flowers to develop a "hurricane proof" front landscape. We'd use the colors and shapes of France and being a vibrancy. Topic ties, boxwood a, Hollywood junipers, hydrangeas, roses, etc. j


Geri's angel garden



The client lives a spiritual and holistic lifestyle, and wanted a garden that was unique to the community. Her soil had been badly depleted by hurricane sandy, and had been in disrepair, lacking any nutrients that could sustain new plantings. The existing trees needed to be heavily pruned of a lot of dead branches, and improper prior care.  She wanted a colorful and calming garden.